Water Repellent Riding Leggings




Water repellent leggings are hard to find, we found that most tended to be of the ‘breech’ style with a zip and button, something that we have always found a bit uncomfortable. So we made it our mission to produce an affordable, winter, rain resistant, riding legging!

The material is made from a soft-shell style fabric which is fleece lined. Due to the nature of the material and the style of riding leggings the sizes are

The leggings feature a high waist design which helps keep the leggings in place and have a tapered leg so they will fit snug in your boots.

As the leggings have been designed with winter riding in mind we have added a phone cover flap on the top of phone pockets to protect your phone from the elements.

Although full seat is an extremely popular option we decided to use silicone knee patch for added grip as it allows more movement that a full seat.

As many of you know we trial all our products before releasing them and this time we decided to use a third party rider as well to give us some extra feedback, here are some of their top points:

  • Very comfortable
  • Warm – no need for over trousers or chaps
  • Wash well at 30 degrees
  • More flexible than other similar high street brands
  • Keep the wind out!
  • Fantastic price
  • Great quality

 Check out our blog on them here!

We love hearing feedback from our clients so if you have any please don’t hesitate to email us here.

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