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Our Bitless Bridles

Our Bitless Bridles have grown and grown with popularity since we first launched them in October 2018. One of our own horses, Faulkner, was the inspiration for our bitless bridles.

When Faulkner came to us he was very strong and would head shake and pull the reins out of your hands, we tried a variety of different bits until we thought to try him bitless and we are so glad we did, it instantly settled him and we’ve never looked back.

Our journey with Faulkner made us want to produce a bridle that is simple, affordable and anatomical. It helped show us that any horse has the ability to go bitless, even a 13yo headstrong ex-showjumper!

So, after many prototypes, a few tweaks and trails with our horses, our very first bitless bridle was created. Since our first design in 2018 we have continued to tweak and adapt the bridle as we receive feedback from friends, customers and professionals.

We have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with bitless specialist, researcher and equine psychologist Phillipa Christie from Equine Partnership and Bitless Boutique, who offers online and in person bitless bridle consultations along with running workshops, clinic and talks on the subject.

Phillippa is also the author of Bitless Guide 101 which features our very own bitless bridle, she is also a lead panelist reviewer for Barefoot Horse Magazine, where our Bitless Bridle has been featured and reviewed.

We are excited to announce that our relationship with Phillippa is growing and soon our bridles will be a part of her international training programme.

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