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Bitless Bridle

Emily (Website)-

"I've just bought this for my TB who I have been riding in a cross-over style bitless. I was a bit dubious about changing to a side-pull as I thought I might loose the control but it's actually great and I love the extra padding and the anatomical fit, I really feel like I'm giving him the best I can :) would definitely recommend it to the bitless community!"

Betsey (Website)-

"This a beautiful, well made bridle. It fits our horse wonderfully. We are very impressed with the craftsmanship and will definitely order from Practical Horse Company again. And the shipping was quick (to the US)! Thank you!"

Rachel (Facebook)-

"My boy likes your bitless bridle much more than a standard snaffle, it's a first time for both of us! It's a lovely bridle, everyone has commented on the quality and nice features, my horse has a tendency to chew on bits and gets distracted so hopefully this will be an ideal solution!"

@thatsassywelshpony (Instagram)-

"Bella schooled amazing in her new bridle, love it so much!"

@jessicalees12 (Instagram)-

"Lovely soft and supple leather; great adjustable fit and very affordable compared to other leather side-pulls on the market."


All Season Riding Tights

Romy (Website)-

"Love, love, love these riding tights! I have wanted a pair for ages but just cannot justify paying close to £50, then I stumbled across these after watching girlabouttheyard's Instagram story. I am so glad I found them! They're amazing quality, fleece lined (but not too thick to wear during warmer weather) and they are so comfy! Love the phone pocket as well. I will most certainly be buying a few more pairs, hopefully they bring out some more colours!"

@girlabouttheyard (Instagram)-

"They are super comfy and structure my booty when I'm off the horse, the phone pocket fits my iPhone X and the pretty detail on the saddle grips are super smart and work well, many a spook has tested them!"

@kwpn.eventing (Instagram)-

"My absolute favourite leggings ever! The design and style of these leggings are amazing, not only are the knee grips super sticky but it has not one but two phone pockets! After a showjumping round I cam fit my horse fly veil, flash and gloves plus my phone in the two pockets which is super handy! I found they are water and hay resistant too which makes them perfect for all yard chores. The leggings keep me warm on cold days and cool in hot weather which is fantastic!"

Gail (Facebook)-

"I have just returned from 6 days riding across Wales in all conditions and just wanted to say how good the riding tights were. Comfortable, warm when wet and quick drying, cool when hot. The thigh pockets were invaluable for storing my phone/gps device for quick access. Easy access to my ordinance survey app on the phone was essential on this trip!"

Janine (Instagram)- 

“I love my purchase! I had some of your All Season Riding Tights in Grey arrive today, I could not be happier, I will be buying more very soon!"

Masie (Instagram)-

”I bought the All Season Riding Tights because I wanted to have my phone on me to track my progress and I absolutely love them! They’re so comfy, I get back from riding and don’t want to change out of them. Definitely my new favourite choice for bottoms now!"

Imola (Instagram)- I had an order from you last week and loved them so much I had to get another pair!"


Eco Leggings
@max.n_me (Instagram)-
"These leggings are the comfiest leggings I own, they are very stylish too they aren't thick and bulky so I can wear them with my yard boots and my tall boots!! And they are also incredibly affordable, they also have a grippy knee feature which is very good as well, as when I ride in my Stübben leather jump saddle my legs can sometimes feel like they are slipping around as the leather is so smooth, so the knee grips are very handy! I would 110% recommend these leggings to anyone, so much that I have gone around my yard and the yard that I work on (a riding school too, may I add) telling everybody about them!!!" 

Allison (Website)- 

"They are excellent quality and a bargain price. Would definitely recommend them. It was also very prompt delivery."

Emily (Website)-

"Love these leggings, they are so comfy and perfect for my pilates class as well as riding, it's great not having to change outfits between the yard and gym! Highly recommend!"

Jane (Website)-

"I've just been out riding in my new Practical Horse Company riding tights, they are fabulous, can't recommend them enough!"

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