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Safety Campaign



Safety on the roads is something that we take very seriously, the roads are getting increasingly busier and the number of accidents seems to still be on the rise despite nationwide campaigns to try and reduce the number of road accidents.

Between 1st March 2018 and 28thFebruary 2019 there were 845 incidents reported to the BHS, over a quarter of these riders were subject to road rage or abuse.

Educating drivers to slow down and to pass wide and safely around horses is really important, the BHS have a great video that you can watch here and share on social media to help spread awareness.

As riders there are a few things we could do to make riding on the roads safer:

  • Try and familiarise yourselves with the rules of the Highway Code to ensure you know how to behave and interact with other road users.
  • Be aware of other road users and remember to thank drivers when they slow down and pass safely.
  • Wear hi-viz and reflective equipment on both you and your horse, shop our full collection of safety clothing here.

Check out the BHS website here for more information on how to stay safe and how to report any incidents that you experience.


News updates:

  • "More than 20 motorists were stopped for driving too close to horse riders in a single day in Bolton." Read more here.
  • The BHS now have a ‘Hi-vis clothing & accessories’ advise page that you can access here.
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