Welcome to Our New Store!

Welcome to the launch of our new online store ‘Practical Horse Company’! We are a Mother and Daughter team who have worked with and owned horses all of our lives.

Recently we have noticed that the equine industry seems to be very ‘competition’ orientated, which is great, it shows there are more and more people out there getting out and competing on their horses!

However, I feel like the industry is leaving us ‘in the middle’ people out, there are so many riders out there who don’t necessarily compete, we might do some riding club, or maybe hunt a little in the winter, endurance in the summer and so on.

So we decided that we wanted to create a place where the everyday rider could buy practical items that have either been tried and tested or recommended by other riders.

We will be writing lots of blogs on our products and sharing ‘tips and tricks’ along the way and we would love to hear your thought about what you want to see more on the market! 

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