Summer Survival Guide

We've had some scorching days lately so here's a short Practical Horse guide to surviving the 2019 summer!

Fly Spray

In this weather the flies are a nightmare! We recommend Alchemist Garden Fly Spray, it’s all natural, so no nasty chemicals, and it comes in plastic free bottles...bonus!

Practical Horse Eco Leggings

Our new improved leggings are a must this summer. They are made from a lightweight breathable material that will help you stay cool, they include a full silicone seat which will help you stay in the saddle and we’ve included two phone pockets so you can stash all your goodies!!

Fly Rug

Some horses are seriously prone to fly bites, if your horse is one of those then a fly rug is always handy for those days! We stock the Sheldon Combo fly rug, which comes with a free fly mask!

Sun cream

Protection from the sun is not only vital for the rider, but can also be vital for horses with pink skin! Sensitive areas such as the nose and around the eyes can get sunburn, you can help prevent this by applying sun cream to your horse on sunny days, we’ve tried and tested the Aldi Kids Waterproof Factor 50 on our own horses, but all horses are different so make sure you patch test them first!


Team our Eco Leggings with a baggy vest top or an exercise top to help keep you cool! You can even try some more bright and colourful tops as an alternative to traditional hi-viz to help stay seen whilst out hacking!

Hoof care 

Hooves can get extremely dry and cracked during the hotter months, especially when there is a lack of rain! We recommend the Alchemist Garden range, try using their hoof spray daily after picking feet out for the soles of their feet to hep disinfect and help prevent abscesses; their hoof balm daily for the walls of your horses hooves to help encourage healthy horn growth and keep them nourished. We also like to use hoof clay every now and again (kind of like a horsey equivalent of a face mask) 


It goes without saying but hydration is so important for you and your horse! Take lots of bottled water to the yard (try freezing a couple so you can have cold water throughout the day), and if your horse has automatic water feeders, try offering them a bucket of water instead so you know how much they have drank each day! Washing off after a ride is a great way to cool down too!

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