Product Review - Horseman's One Step

Summer can be a busy time of shows, events and fun rides. You can spend a lot of time washing dirty jodhpurs and sweaty saddlecloths, bathing and trimming your horse and cleaning up your tack.

If you can find a way to reduce the time you spend getting ready for events so you can spend more time relaxing and preparing, it is bound to be a bonus!

Absorbine have two leather cleaners that do exactly that! We have decided to product test them on our own tack to find out more about them.

Horseman’s One Step Spray:

This spray is fantastic if you’re really short for time or if you just generally hate tack cleaning! All you need to do is spray directly onto your dirty tack and polish clean with a dry cloth, it literally takes minutes to clean your whole set of tack!

The Glycerin-rich formula lifts the grease and dirt off whilst the pH balanced formula protects your stitching from rotting. It will leave your tack super soft and shiny!

It took a grand total of 10 minutes to clean a full set of tack including a martingale, without taking everything apart.

Horseman’s One Step Cream:

We found that the cream is much better for a slightly more in-depth but still super-fast clean! For best results start by wiping your tack down with a warm, damp cloth. Then use the same cloth to apply the cream to your tack and polish the leather, washing your cloth between applications.

The cream is really conditioning but it is always great to oil your tack every now and again just for good measure!

If you don’t take your bridle to pieces then it takes around 20 mins to clean a full set of tack, including giving it a quick wipe over first.


They are both fantastic products that are useful in different situations, if you enjoy taking your tack to pieces and giving it a slightly more thorough clean without applying 5 different products, then the cream is definitely for you!

If you hate tack cleaning or are find yourself really hard up for time then the spray is absolutely perfect! A quick spray and a scrub and your tack will be looking shiny and clean in 10 minutes!

 We hope you have found our review useful, if you have any questions or would like to submit your own product review, please email us on:

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