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Practical Horse Co Winter Riding Tips

‘Winter is Coming’… The famous GOT phrase couldn’t be more right, so with winter around the corner we have put together a few tips to help you and your horse through the next few months.

Be Seen

As the nights draw in and they days become dark and overcast, make sure you and your horse are seen. 

Exercise sheets - Try using a Hi-Viz exercise sheet to stay seen on the darker days. Exercise sheets are also great for keeping your horses muscles warm on colder days.

Light up attachments - Using light up attachments for your arms and legs are a great way to stay seen, have a look at our Arm/Leg bands here.

Body harness - Using a Hi-viz body harness or Hi-viz attachments on your horses tack are great for oncoming traffic. Check our Autumn/Winter Essentials for more Hi-viz equipment.

Stay warm!

Avoid cold feet – warm socks and good footwear will help keep your feet warm.

Wear a Hat – most of your heat is lost through your head so make sure you wear a hat between rides. 

Layer up - Layers is the best way to stay warm, try wearing our leggings under a pair of chaps or waterproof trousers to stay warm and dry.

Keeping your horse warm.

Rugs – Over-rugging is a huge issue at the moment to if your horse is wearing a turn out rug, try and make sure the weight is correct for your horse. After riding if your horse is sweaty, make sure you use a sweat rug to prevent your horse from catching a chill.

Clipping for workload – If you find your horse is sweating after a ride, try clipping him to help reduce the cooling down time. There are a variety of clips that you can try, you don’t have to take all the coat off. 

Look after yourself!

Don’t forget to look after yourself too.

Take breaks - If your riding multiple horses try and fit in a break and a hot drink between riding.

Avoid risk - Riding in the snow or ice can be dangerous for both you and your horse so try and give riding a miss on these days. 

Stay energised - Keep your energy levels up with a stash of granola bars and a thermo of hot drinks.



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