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March blog - Spring MOT

March is the official beginning of the Eventing season, but even if you don’t Event yourself it’s a sign that Spring is just around the corner and that (hopefully) winter is on its way out!

This time of year would be a great time to make sure you and your horse are both ready for the upcoming summer. We've compiled a check list MOT for you and your horse!


Equine Dentist: How often you have your horses teeth checked can depend on each individual horse, but you should have a visit from your equine dentist at least every 12 months. Common signs of equine dental problems include, problems chewing, quidding, weight loss, poor condition, dull coat and reluctance to accept the bit.

Saddle check: Horses constantly change shape, especially throughout the different seasons, so having a professional check that your saddle is fitting and not causing any discomfort should ideally be done every 6-12 months. Signs that your saddle may not fit include muscle loss where the saddle sits, behavioural or performance issues and a sore back. 

Back check: Even if your saddle fits, it’s still worth having your horses back and muscles checked over. There are lots of different professionals that can work on your horses musculoskeletal system including Mctimoney therapy, sports massage therapy, Bowen and equine chiropractor.

Self care: Riding can be hard on our own body too so why don’t you take some time to iron out any kinks with a visit to the physio or sports masseuse. Taking part in strengthening exercises such as Pilates or Yoga is a great way to increase your body’s strength, flexibility and prevent future injury as well as improve your riding.

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