January motivation


January can be difficult month after the highs of December, but it can be a great time to plan your year ahead and focus on the positives. Try these little tasks to help you get motivated for the coming year.

Set goals

Try setting yourself a couple of goals to work towards this year.  They don’t have to be anything to daunting, it could be a day trip with your horse, or booking onto a clinic with your favourite instructor. Try setting one goal to start with and see how you feel.


Plan ahead

Have flick through your diary and mark out all the equestrian dates that are important to you, maybe some of them will be dates that help you work towards your goal. Don’t forget to include your favourite horse shows such as Badminton, Your Horse Live and Olympia!


Give yourself credit

It’s not always easy to give yourself a pat on the back but it is really important to remember what you have achieved. Have a think back over the last 12 months and pick out some of your favourite moments, you could make a collage of your favourite pictures!


Treat yourself!

It can be really hard to stay motivated in January, the days are still dark and the weather can be grim at times. To stay motivated why don’t you pick out a small gift and treat yourself at the end of the month – kind of like a bonus from you to you!

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