How to: Smart Tails Thinning Comb

Spring/Summer is the perfect time for trimming and thinning those manes and tails that will have become overgrown and messy during the winter months!

If you or your horse (like mine) is not comfortable with having their manes pulled then using a Smart Tails thinning comb is the perfect solution.

We have put together a guide on how best to use them, for a more detailed guide and video tutorials head over to:

Start by brushing your horse mane through with a mane brush, you will then need to brush the mane so it is lying on the opposite side of the neck and the underneath is exposed.

Starting at the base of the horse’s neck, gently pull the thinning comb down through the mane to the tips of the hair. If your horse has a thin mane already be careful how much you take out as it can take out quite a lot in one go! Also be aware that most horse’s manes will naturally be thicker in some areas than others so try and even those bits out.

Continue to thin the mane evenly until you are happy with its thickness. Once you are happy, brush the mane back over to the normal side and we will look and how to level it off and neaten it up.

If you like a fairly short mane for plaiting then the best way to level it is to use a regular straight comb, backcomb the hair and use scissors to cut the excess off. Do this all the way up the mane until it looks even and straight.

If you’re not too bothered about having it super short and military straight then you can also just level it off using the Smart tails thinner itself.

If you want to thin your horse’s tail to resemble a pulled tail then you can also do this with the Smart Tails thinning comb. Start at the top of the horses tail, ideally from the underside, and run the comb down the hair. Continue evenly until you are happy with the result.

We hope you have found this useful! If you would like us to write about something in particular just drop us a line! 

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