Horsey Summer = Horse Flies


You know when your horsey summer has officially started when the Horse Flies arrive, and oh have they!?  They seem to have arrived with a vicious force this summer and are causing chaos!

Keeping the horse flies at bay can be a really difficult task but we’ve listed a few handy tips to try and keep the bites to a minimum:

  • Fly rugs – seems an obvious one but if your horse can wear a rug they really do help prevent bites, for best results spray fly spray lightly on top of the rug and use a fly mask. Our Combo Fly Rug has a full neck and a belly flap for optimum coverage at only £24.99
  • Fly Spray – fly sprays seem to vary as to which brands work for your horse, especially if they are sensitive to strong products. Barrier Super Plus Fly Repellent and Carr Day & Martin Fly Guard Insect Repellent are the two products that we have in stock as they have been tried and tested to work!
  • Fly Creams and Balms – although we don’t currently stock any of these, they are fantastic for applying to faces, cuts and around sensitive areas prone to bites!
  • Stagnant water – if you have got old buckets kicking about the yard or field full of standing water try emptying these out as water is a big attraction for horse flies.
  • Fly traps – there are a variety of fly traps on the market from stable to field traps that can help reduce your fly infestation, you can also even have a go at making one yourself!
  • Down time – if the flies are predominantly bad in your area or you have a horse that is extra sensitive to the flies you can always bring him into the stable for an hour or so in the day time (if possible) to help relieve the stress.

The flies are particularly bad this year and don’t underestimate how much they could affect your horses health, there have been reports of horses dropping weight due to stress, showing signs of fatigue and in severe case causing themselves injuries!

We are always available to answer any questions you have so please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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