An equestrians guide to surviving Covid-19 (Part 1)

The current global situation is both full of uncertainty and rather scary, we want to help you whether you’re in isolation or whether you’re someone who has been affected by cancelled events.

An Equestrian in Isolation

Horse riders tend not to be great at: a) doing as they’re told, b) sitting around and doing nothing, c) not seeing their horse!!

So if you have found yourself in isolation, you are probably really struggling right now. Here are a few things that might help prevent you from going stir crazy, and hopefully help fill your time with positive activities. 

Take up Yoga

Yoga is not only great for the body and the mind, it’s also great for your balance as a rider and will help stretch out all the muscles we use daily that tend to get tight. Some apps such as ‘Down Dog’ are offering free subscriptions until June and are a great alternative to 1-1’s whether you are a beginner or an experienced Yogi. 

Listen whilst you work

Whether you’re working, partaking in house chores, avoiding chores or just taking a bath, audiobooks or podcasts can make great company. A personal fave audiobook has to be Nick Skelton’s Gold, even if you’re not into showjumping, it’s a great story of determination and overcoming the hardest of obstacles, to winning gold for your country!  If you’re more in podcasts then I would definitely recommend ‘Equiratings’, however, if you’re finding that a sore subject at the moment then listening to ‘Buck off Banter’ from the beginning will lighten your spirits and give you a good laugh!

Colour between the lines

If you follow our Facebook page then you will already know that we love Emily Cole, and if we couldn’t love her anymore, this week Emily Cole and fellow artist Kate Simpson, have shared some of their designs for you to download and colour in, and if your feeling really artistic why not try some of Tony O Connor’s tutorials? The links can be found on their Facebook pages.

“To attain knowledge, add things everyday”

Teaching yourself something is a great way of keeping the mind busy, why don’t you pick an equestrian subject that you don’t know much about, but that interests you. It could be nutrition, or something more specific within nutrition like ‘how diet affects laminitics’. Maybe you’re interested in breeding, you could research the complex but interesting subject of equine genetics. There are some extremely knowledgeable websites you can use, try and use ones that remain impartial such as veterinary websites or scientific journals.


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